Imagine the options...

Hello Chaver,

I know the feeling of having 1,000,000 things distracting you and pulling your attention in every direction.
You know what your priorities are and in essence, you would want to reconect to your heritage and find the answers to life's big questions but who has the time? You say...Maybe when I am older I will have the time....

So here is my offer: you pick the subject, date, time, location and (kosher) menu and I will be there to study with you.

  • It can be once a month or even every other week.
  • It can be from a book or just pick a topic.
  • It can be pizza or corn beef (not together).
  • It can be lunch or an early dinner.
  • It can be in your office or in your house (with your spouse). 
  • It can be yourself or with a few friends.

Although I do enjoy eating and talking, slots are limited so let me know when works for you.


Rabbi Chaim 
[email protected]