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Reunion in NY

Dear friends,
I bring you greetings this week from New York, where my family and I are visiting for the wedding of my brother, as well as our nephews Bar Mitzva.

It is a very special occasion, because my ten siblings haven't been all together in a long time. Even though individually we meet each other, it is an amazing thing to all be together in one room. Last night, at my brothers wedding was the happy reunion. You can see the picture of the week in the email below.
Rivky and the children join me in wishing you Shabbat Shalom and send you warm regards from the chilly Big Apple,

Rabbi Chaim Drukman



Kids (real) Life


Dear Friends,

Last Shabbat afternoon, I was sitting on my couch, reading a long and exhausting book, when my daughter Chaya walks in to the living room suddenly, crying: “Levi took my doll…” I try to calm her down, but she announces to me: “I’m not going to be Levi’s friend anymore..”

30 seconds later I go to their room in order to calm everybody down, but they’re already playing and laughing together like best friends.

Nu, an everyday occurrence, that happens almost a million times a year.

But this time it got me thinking. When an adult comes to me and says: “Listen, Mr. X did this and this to me, and I hate him.” Usually, even if 10 years have passed, and by mistak… Read More »

A Call from Singapore


Dear Friends,

One morning this week, my mobile phone rings, and i see it is a number from Singapore. What do I have with Singapore?

Then I remembered that we have friends living there. They are a wonderful family, who used to live here, and moved to Singapore a couple of months ago. So, I answer the phone, and indeed it is my friend whom I haven't spoken to in a long time. After the usual questions "how are you?", "how is the family?", "how is business?", I'm waiting to hear the 'tachles', the reason for the phone call... what can I help him with... This friend is a doctor and scientist who is definitely busy from morning to evening, I don’t want to take too much of his time, and get straigh… Read More »

My visit to Finland


Dear Friends,

Last week, Jews all over the world celebrated the holiday of Simchat Torah. For me, personally, this year was a very unusual celebration. I was invited by my friend and colleague Rabbi Benyamin Wolff from Helsinki, Finland, to celebrate the holiday with him and his community. What can I tell you? It was absolutely amazing. The Finnish are very proud of their country and almost every person you meet worked or works at Nokia, or at least uses their service.

In Helsinki there is a small but very warm Jewish community. The Chabad Rabbi Benyamin and his wife Ita work there successfully and very impressive.
There are many interesting things to say about the happenings there. However, two special, spiritual experiences… Read More »

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