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A child from England made me cry

Dear Friends,

Join us tomorrow for our Shabbat morning Program at 10:00 o’clock. The Kiddush Lunch this week is sponsored by our dear friend Jacques Holtz on the occasion of his 75th birthday. May G-d bless you with good health, continued Naches from your dear family and may we share many more happy birthdays together in happiness.

The weekend I spent in New York at the international conference of Chabad Representatives is still fresh in my mind. It continues to give me energy even as the days pass by The weekend was very special in many ways, from meeting old friends, to reuniting with family members, sharing experiences, learning from fellow friends, getting inspired and much more...

I'd like to share the most emotional mom… Read More »

My Airport story

They say that every Rabbi has an airport story. When I travel, my trips are usually pretty uneventful.

Besides for some “action” like almost missing a flight, or trying to organize a kosher meal for the flight at the check-in counter at the last minute, nothing significant ever happened to me, that I would be able to call it “my airport story”.

This week the "moment" finally came, when I experienced something unexpected at the airport.

On my way back home from New York, for certain reasons, instead of flying directly to Zurich, I had to fly through Paris with a two hour layover at Paris Charles De Gaulle.

2 hours is a long time, what to do?

For starters I sent a message to the international Chabad… Read More »

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