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My Poor Friend Made It!

This week a stone was lifted from my heart as a story came full circle. It took a long time, and even though the beginning is filled with long pain, the end is in itself a beginning of a new, and very happy stage.

The story started some twenty years ago, when I was a child of ten. It was the time when many Immigrants came from Russia. Many of them were not in the most financially best state, and even much worse than that. Every Friday I would go for a drive with my mother to give out packages of food to the homes of the needy families, who were mostly from the former Soviet Union.

Many of the families were elderly couples. At each address, I would jump out of the car, put the package at their door and head back to the car.

It always went… Read More »

My Difficult Menorah Lighting

Dear Friends,

Now I am a bit more relaxed.

We had some guest over for the Menorah lighting and to the outside all looked good and regular, but I was not relaxed at all… there was something bothering me a lot, but I did not share this with anyone, not even with Rivky.

As I’m sure you’ve been updated with the news from Israel; on the Carmel Mountain there is a huge fire. The Carmel is literally going up in flames. A terrible tragedy, there are quite a few people who have lost their lives.

Most of us upon hearing the reports, exclaim “oy vey”, and then continue on with what we were doing.

Last night, I was not able to just “go on”. For a simple reason; my younger sister Nechama together with her … Read More »

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