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Dear Friends,

Yesterday as I was surfing on my favorite news website (after Israeli news) which is news in the world of technology and computers, I came across an important message: "Google launched a new feature, which will definitely come into good use. From now on, after hitting the "send" button on Gmail, you still have 30 seconds to change your mind, and get the email back..."

This option will surely spread peace in the world... more and more people, who sent hate messages, will cancel their message on second thought, and less people will cancel messages of love.

I thought about this idea, and thought it would be great if we would have something like this in the real world. How often do we do something, onl… Read More »

My story from Belarus

Dear Friends,

Firstly, we would like to wish a hearty Mazal Tov to our dear friends Pedro and Susan Bilar, on the engagement of their son Daniel to Liz Barbiero. May you have lots of Nachat from the new couple.

The new school year is coming closer and we are getting ready for a great new year at our Hebrew School, this year at our very own location in Zug! Make sure your child is part of this great Jewish Experience! For registration and more info, please click here.

Allow me to share a story with you which made a great impression on me, and reminded me once again of the importance of the small deeds.

The story began exactly twelve years ago. I was sent from Chabad as a student Rabbi at the age of 18, to a small town in Belarus … Read More »

Our neighbors surprising letter

Dear Friends,


Thank you for your nice feedbacks on last weeks email about the difference between Switzerland and Israel.

Here is a story which happened to me this week, which makes me appreciate Switzerland, not only because of its landscapes or mostly pleasant weather.

Thank G-d, since we live in Luzern, we have almost never been alone for Friday evening Shabbat dinner. It is always very enjoyable to meet with old and also new friends on Friday evenings. We met many of our friends for the first time at such a Shabbat dinner.

During dinner we, of course, make Kiddush together, enjoy a traditional meal, and then we sing joyful Jewish songs. Sometimes the singing can get a bit loud, and we immediately remind ourselves, tha… Read More »

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