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Luzern was Illuminated

Dear Friends,

Well, it was against all expectations

This year we had all the signs, that there will be very few people at our public Menorah Lighting.

Firstly, many families from the community are already on holidays outside of the country. It was also the first time we were doing this event not on a Sunday. And mainly, it was very cold and raining heavily. We never had such weather at any of the Menorah Lightings in the passed 8 years.

However, despite everything, or maybe it was because of all this, there was a very big crowd. More than 100! people gathered at the Bahnhofplatz in the heavy rain and participated.

I was very moved, when I stood up there on the lever with Mrs. Korintha Bärtsch, chairperson of the Greater City Cou… Read More »

I Was Touched

I returned home safely after a wonderful visit to Brooklyn.

It was a couple of days of very little sleep and much satisfaction. Material, but mainly spiritual satisfaction.

What a great gathering of Jewish community leaders from around the world. Joint meeting sessions and workshops gave us an understanding and recognition of the many issues that occur in the Jewish world and in the world at large.

The highlight was undoubtedly, the gala banquet on Sunday evening with nearly 5,000 Chabad emissaries, friends and supporters. It was an amazing and fascinating evening and a very impressive production. There were many headlines and presentations of large projects and successes of Chabad activities worldwide in the last year.

The truth is, ho… Read More »

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