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Watch out for taxi drivers

Dear Friends,

Like everyone else, a Rabbi can find himself in all kinds of situations, sometimes even strange and unusual ones.

This week, for example, I found myself in a very strange situation.

There was some electrical work being done at our Learning Center in Zug, and one of the electricians, a young and friendly guy, approached me and asked if he can speak to me privately.

Of course I agreed.

He kindly asked me to wait for his colleague to leave the room.

I thought he will ask me about myself, where I am from, what I’m doing here or similar questions which I am already used to.

However, the man surprised me, he sat down with me and started telling me a whole monologue about himself, how even though he is catholic, h… Read More »

I Love Switzerland

The following is a phone conversation I had this week with a specific Swiss company:

Me: Good morning, I’m calling about…

Representative: I will transfer you immediately to the right department

Lively Music in the background…

Rep: Mr. Schumpli will be happy to assist you

Me: Thank you

Mr. Schumpli: Hello, how can I help you?

Me: Good morning, Mr. Schumpli, how are you? I need some help with…

Mr. S.: Umm… this is a very unusual question

Me: Really?! I just asked “how are you?”, I thought it is a normal thing to do.

Mr. S.: Well, at least in Switzerland it is not usual.

We left it at this and continued to talk business.

I must say that Mr. Schumpli was very nice and helped me… Read More »

Gefillte Fish saves a life

This week I visited one of my friends in  our community, as I often do. We study some Torah together, have a cup of coffee and chat. 

This time he told me a personal story, which I thought would only be fitting to share with my blog readers (after getting his permission, of course). Not G-d forbid, for the "gossip", but only for the lesson which we can all learn from this.

My friend (who's name I won't mention for obvious reasons) before moving to our area a couple of years ago, lived in a small community overseas on a different continent. At one point, he went through a very difficult time in his life. His situation was very bad in all aspects. A few of his close family members passed away within a short time and his … Read More »

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