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My Ticket to Heaven

Last Sunday I was invited to participate at an event in a certain city in Switzerland. During the event a Jewish man, whom I know from his previous visits to Luzern, came over and shared with me sensational news, which might give me a ticket to heaven sometime in the future.

There is a famous saying (I don’t know its source, if any of the readers know it, I would be happy if you can let me know): If one makes three Shidduchim (matches for marriage) he merits to go to heaven.

A couple of years ago I matched up someone in my family. Believe me, it was not an easy job! However, it was worth it… the happy couple got married and now has a couple of children, living happily together.

Already then people told me to continue making … Read More »

It's all according to the protocol- or not?

Dear Friends,

This week i visited together with my wife a certain office, I won’t mention the name because of “lashon hara”. We needed to get some simple paper work done in connection to the birth of our son.

The woman at the office dealt with us in a very professional way, and no less efficiently, however a bit strange.

She did everything exactly according to the protocol, but was not friendly at all.

Firstly, she gave us strange looks about the fact that we didn’t send in the child’s first name right after the birth. I tried to explain to her our Jewish tradition of not mentioning the name before the Bris, but she just gave me a cold reply, with a small trace of a smile: “ Sir, you should have discl… Read More »

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