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A Terror Attack 500m away from me

The murderous terror attack in Israel yesterday, where unfortunately 8 Jewish people were killed, brought me back to the terror attack which occurred exactly 10 years ago in my home town of Kiryat Motzkin.

Although in my youth, there were many, and difficult terror attacks, I was never close by to where the attack happened, thank G-d. I always heard about it from far, until that day in 2001. It was summer, August 12th in the late afternoon. I had just gotten into the car on my way to the Tel Aviv area.

I was in a very good mood, even a bit excited, because I was on my way to my second date with my wife-to-be, Rivky.

I turned on some pleasant music and started my journey from my parents home, when suddenly there was a huge explosion in th… Read More »

Why Kiss My Passport?

Did it ever happen to you that you are walking down the street and someone asks you why you are wearing a certain piece of clothing?

When I walk on the streets of Switzerland, I often get looks from passerby’s and sometimes even strange comments. Just last week I found myself talking to a young mother who approached me with her young son and asked very politely if I could please explain to her what the round cloth on my head is. At first she thought it was a medical bandage, but when she saw my little son, wearing a similar head covering, she figured it must be something religious.

I try to get used to the questions and comments and to be as kind as possible when answering them. I’m indeed different in my surrounding… Read More »

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