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A Skype Bar Mitzvah

Place: The ancient Synagogue in Tzfat. Date: Yesterday. I found myself dancing horah together with a graduate of our Hebrew School, to the sounds of the Klezmer musicians.

How did I get there?

The story starts a couple of years ago, when a nice new family came to live in our small community. Two children, Dean and Alec registered in our Hebrew School. For about 5/6 years they were both diligent and very successful students.

And then, as it happens here quite often, the dear Manko family moved back to their original place of residence in the United States.

A short while later, Dean turned twelve and it was time to get ready for his Bar Mitzvah.

Dean, who had fond memories of our small community, turned to me, and asked me… Read More »

Who Will Wipe Away Our Tears?

A tragedy beyond comprehension, beyond words, but not beyond tears: the ruthless and determined murder of four innocent civilians, among them three young children. A teenager remains in critical condition, may he recover fully and speedily. We, worldwide Jewry, wept with our French brethren as the horrific details of the Toulouse massacre emerged.

Rabbi Jonathan Sandler, 29, shot dead with his two sons, Gabriel and Arieh, ages 4 and 6. An infant daughter who will never know her father and brothers. Who can fathom the pain of Mrs. Sandler, bereft of her husband and two children in just minutes? Her grief, her pain, her sorrow, her loss – we are all asking, How could this happen? How can this be?

Beautiful, eight-year-old Miriam … Read More »

Thank you!

What an amazing Purim Party we had, thank G-d! There was a very big crowd of over 100 (!) people who came to take part in the Purim celebration.

Since I received many compliments  and thank you's from many people for my part in the event, I must tell you who was really responsible for the success and who really deserves the thank you:

First of all, thank you to all of you dear friends, for coming out and celebrating with us in Purim joy.

And now to those who gave of their time and help for the success of the event:

Thank you
 to Rivky, who was already busy planning and organizing the details and logistics of the party for weeks.The tasty food, which we all enjoyed came straight out of our home/community kitchen.

Thank you&nb… Read More »

The club celebrates a completion

Dear Friends,

This Shabbat there is a special occasion which calls for an extra “Lechaim”, and I would therefore be happy to see you and celebrate with you. 

Since I became a Bar mitzvah, I am a member in a very unusual club, which you might have never heard of before. It is called: “The Daily Rambam Learners Club”. The Rambam, whose full name was Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon, known in English as Maimonides, wrote a book (among many others) called “Mishne Torah”, which is an amazing book with 14 volumes. This book includes all basic Jewish matters. It is a lengthy and remarkable discussion of halachic outlooks on any Jewish topic. 

30 years ago the Lubavitcher Rebbe instituted this Daily Rambam lea… Read More »

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