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My New "Chaverim" in Brooklyn

I was standing helpless, stuck somewhere in middle of Brooklyn.

Just a few minutes earlier I came out of the book store very happily after buying a Jewish book, which I was looking for a long time, and finally have found it. I opened the trunk of the car, put the book inside, and together with it … my car keys. I closed the door and now my keys were inside and the car was locked!!

I was standing next to the car and pretty much didn’t know what to do. My flight back to Switzerland was leaving in just a couple of hours… I really didnt know how to solve this problem quickly. First I thought about calling the rental car company of my car to ask for their help. The problem was, that I knew it would take them a good few hour… Read More »

Hair will grow on the palm of my hands

Dear Friends,

I’m writing to you from New York. The reason for my visit here is connected to me and my family personally. It’s a story which took place even before I was born, and I would very much like to share it with you.

The story begins in the early 1970’s. Five years have passed since the wedding of my parents. Like many couples, they were looking forward to having a family of their own, however for various health reasons they did not yet merit to fulfill their dreams. They went from doctor to doctor but none of them was able to help them.

Finally someone suggested a world renowned professor. When they arrived to the appointment, the professor checked the whole file and said with a very serious face the most terri… Read More »

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