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IDF in Luzern

Did it ever happen to you that you were sitting at a basketball game, and you were the only fan cheering for the team?

Though as a child I enjoyed watching and playing basketball a lot, I have never gone to watch a real game until last Friday.

Location: Nottwil, near Luzern. Team: Disabled IDF veterans from the Haifa club against a polish team.

Quite a few times we were able to assist groups of disabled IDF soldiers on their visits to Luzern, but this time it was very different. They had come for this basketball tournament and were staying for Shabbat.

We offered to help with getting them the things they needed for Shabbat. And so, when I arrived to Nottwil with the Shabbat bags, filled with wine and Challot, shortly before the start of… Read More »

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