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Brotherly Love at the Grocery

We often talk about the unconditional love that Jews have for one another. Last week Friday I had an inspirational experience which reminded me again what true Ahavat Yisrael (brotherly love) is.

I was standing in line to pay at one of the kosher shops in Zurich. The cashier was a nice guy, friendly to everyone.

Before me was a Jewish man, who was clearly a visitor and does not live here. When he got to the cash register, the cashier started scanning his items. When he was about to finish, the cashier looks at the man and says, “Wait a minute, I see that you are buying wine, challah, gefilte fish, a salad or two… I can tell that you are planning a Shabbat by yourself. Do me a favor, put everything back on the shelves, y… Read More »

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