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My Ticket to Heaven

Thursday, 26 May, 2011 - 4:27 pm

Last Sunday I was invited to participate at an event in a certain city in Switzerland. During the event a Jewish man, whom I know from his previous visits to Luzern, came over and shared with me sensational news, which might give me a ticket to heaven sometime in the future.

There is a famous saying (I don’t know its source, if any of the readers know it, I would be happy if you can let me know): If one makes three Shidduchim (matches for marriage) he merits to go to heaven.

A couple of years ago I matched up someone in my family. Believe me, it was not an easy job! However, it was worth it… the happy couple got married and now has a couple of children, living happily together.

Already then people told me to continue making Shidduchim, it is a big mitzvah ect. However, i somehow didn’t get to do it again.

Last Sunday, I was told that I was once again involved in a matchmaking story, without even knowing about it. How?

This man whom I met, tells me how he always liked to participate at the Chabad community events on his visits to Luzern. It was Chanukah, 3 years ago, at the event, which already became a tradition at the train station of Luzern – the public menorah lighting and then the party upstairs in the hall. It was there that he met a young woman, who also doesn’t live in Luzern, but participated in our events whenever it was possible for her.

Their relationship started there and not long ago they actually got married!

This man tells me: I’m so happy to meet you here, this is the opportunity to thank you. It was actually in your merit that I found my soul mate.

Mazal Tov B. and S.! May you have many long happy and healthy years together in love and happiness.

And I say thank you to all of you, who are helping us to make these community events happen and make people happy. May we always merit to share in happy occasions.

Rivky and the children join me in wishing you a Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Chaim

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