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My New "Chaverim" in Brooklyn

Thursday, 28 June, 2012 - 6:51 pm

I was standing helpless, stuck somewhere in middle of Brooklyn.

Just a few minutes earlier I came out of the book store very happily after buying a Jewish book, which I was looking for a long time, and finally have found it. I opened the trunk of the car, put the book inside, and together with it … my car keys. I closed the door and now my keys were inside and the car was locked!!

I was standing next to the car and pretty much didn’t know what to do. My flight back to Switzerland was leaving in just a couple of hours… I really didnt know how to solve this problem quickly. First I thought about calling the rental car company of my car to ask for their help. The problem was, that I knew it would take them a good few hours until they would come. In addition they would probably get a lot of money out of me for this. I was already imagining missing my flight..

Nu, I believe that everything that happens is planned from heaven, but it was definitely not much fun.

Suddenly my phone rang. A Brooklyn friend of mine was on the line. I told him what I got myself into. So he says, listen to my advice, take this phone number, call them and ask them to help you, they will come. I ask him: what is this number? And here he tells me something amazing. This is a Jewish organization in Brooklyn, as well as in some other places, called “Chaverim” (Friends). They offer volunteer roadside assistance for situations such as this, or similar. You call them and they just come and help right away.

It was hard for me to imagine such an organization actually working, but I had nothing to lose.

I called them, and they asked me for my location. Within 12minutes (!!) a very friendly Jew shows up with a big smile. 2 minutes later my car was open. He was still not finished working, when another car pulls up next to us. It was another volunteer who heard the call, was in the area and decided to come by in case he would be needed.

I ask them if they volunteer in this organization only in the evenings. To my astonishment they tell me, they are ready and on call 24 hours of the day to help a fellow Jew.

I was very touched. When I offered to pay, they absolutely refused to take any money. So I “forced” them to take it as a donation for this amazing organization “Chaverim”.

It warms the heart to see people giving of their time to help another person, even without knowing his name.

I have a dream to start up something like this in Switzerland one day…

Shabbat Shalom “Chaverim”,

Rabbi Chaim


Comments on: My New "Chaverim" in Brooklyn

Doris Etsiony wrote...

Magia lecha! You do so many Mitzwoth and also help others, why shouldn't you once get help as well? I am pleased to hear that your problem has been solved in such a great way! Wish you and Rivky and the children Shabbat Shalom back in Switzerland.

Lev y wrote...

It's great to see there are still such nice people around! A real heartwarming story!

Itzik wrote...

also all the things happening to you!
Shabat shalom