A child from England made me cry

Thursday, 18 November, 2010 - 4:23 pm

Dear Friends,

Join us tomorrow for our Shabbat morning Program at 10:00 o’clock. The Kiddush Lunch this week is sponsored by our dear friend Jacques Holtz on the occasion of his 75th birthday. May G-d bless you with good health, continued Naches from your dear family and may we share many more happy birthdays together in happiness.

The weekend I spent in New York at the international conference of Chabad Representatives is still fresh in my mind. It continues to give me energy even as the days pass by The weekend was very special in many ways, from meeting old friends, to reuniting with family members, sharing experiences, learning from fellow friends, getting inspired and much more...

I'd like to share the most emotional moment of the conference for me and for many others who attended. It was at the Banquet, the only gathering where all of us came together in one room at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, which was transformed into a magnificent ballroom for the evening, since there was no hall in New York City big enough. 4,000 Rabbis and about 1,000 guests were weeping while listening to a Torah Thought from Moshe Cohen, a 10 year old boy from England, the oldest of five, who had lost his mother suddenly just 30 days before.

We weren't crying out of sadness or pity, we were shedding tears of deep memorial reaction to the pureness and innocence of a young child, whose faith and sense of purpose gives him the strength and encouragement to carry on and to continue to bring light to his surroundings. I think many of us wished that we could take home this conviction, to hold strong through the test and challenges of life.  This little child taught us all a great lesson.

Here you can see it for yourself:


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