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G-D Answered Me This Morning

Friday, 2 November, 2012 - 1:44 pm

„We are praying, G-d will help“. This is what my cousin from Atlantic City, New Jersey, told me this week. They were evacuated from their home. They still don’t know what happened to their house. Another phone call from my colleague, his entire Synagogue was completely destroyed. Acquaintances of his were injured and are being treated in the hospital. I spoke to many of my friends in the New York area. The situation there is not easy. Nevertheless, they all sound optimistic and tell me: “We are praying, G-d will help” I kept on hearing this line over and over this week, that I already didn’t know if they really mean it or they are just saying it automatically.

This morning I learned an important lesson about the power of prayer. It has been more than two years, since I am working very hard on getting a specific paper, which we need from the local government. This document is very important for the development of our community. In the beginning I was very optimistic and the lawyer who is helping us with this said: After you give in your request, you should get all that you need within a few weeks, latest in two months”.

Two months passed, then three. It turned into a year, two years and more! I already gave up a long time ago.

This morning during my morning prayers I was thinking about it again, and I thought to myself that I need to do something serious to get things moving with this issue. I prayed from my heart to G-d that he should give me the right advice what to do. I finished my prayers with a decision that today I will do something, even though I had no idea what I could or what I was going to do.

Less than an hour later, my phone rings. It’s unbelievable. The lawyer is on the line and I don’t believe my ears. She is telling me the good news, she just got a call from the government office to let us know that our request was granted!

I feel that I must share this with you. Maybe it will remind us that sometimes we say without thinking “We are praying, G-d will help – Hashem ya’azor”. It became an expression which is sometimes said without feeling. Almost a cliché.

This morning I experienced an important spiritual moment. G-d listened to my prayers. Thank you, Hashem!

I continue to pray for all my friends and all the residents of New York and the surrounding areas who were affected by this terrible hurricane. May G-d help you and may you have the strength to deal with all the hardships.

This coming Wednesday I will, please G-d, be traveling to New York to take part in the yearly conference of Chabad Rabbis. I already  signed up to a big and growing group of Rabbis from around the world, who will be going around to the affected areas, volunteering with help to whoever might need.

Let us always remember: “We are praying, and G-d will help!”

Rivky and the children join me in wishing you Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Chaim

If you would like to help the Chabad Relief Effort for people and institutions which have been affected by the hurricane, you can make a donation by clicking here. Please mention the purpose for the donation and we will forward it.

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