"One Mitzvah brings to the next Mitzvah"

Friday, 22 August, 2014 - 12:04 pm

Dear friends,

"One Mitzvah brings to the next Mitzvah", is what our sages have taught. Last Friday, I literally experienced that.

Last Friday afternoon I was on my daily visit at the Luzern hospital, just about an hour before Shabbat. After I finished my visit and was ready to leave the building, I met another Jew, who was just passing by that moment. He told me that in the maternity ward, there is a young Jewish woman, who was visiting Switzerland from Israel, and was about seven months pregnant. During her trip she was rushed to the hospital with pains and gave birth to her little baby girl.

I immediately went over to the maternity ward to wish her Shabbat Shalom and to see if I can help with anything. Her mother, who had already managed to come from New York that morning, was the one who needed some support and a place to sleep. She was very happy to accept our invitation for her to sleep at our home for Shabbat the days following.
Sometimes it may be difficult to help over and over again, but the Nachas and the fulfillment one gets from a Mitzva, make it all worth it.

The baby, who was born very small, is thank G-d getting stronger every day. Although she will be staying at the hospital for another few weeks, tomorrow morning, her father will name her at the Torah reading.

Rivky and the children join in me in wishing you a Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Chaim


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mike wrote...

kol hakovod may Hashem help you to merit many more mitzvos